We believe artists should be fairly compensated for their time, artistic talent, and professional skills; and landlords (wall owners) deserve transparency into costs, timing, and logistics associated with mural-production.

Below is our estimated market value for a mural project. It is a starting point in determining the fair and reasonable project cost for a mural from design through completion. Artists typically charge between $15 - $30+ per square foot, however, costs can increase based on site conditions, artwork scope, or administrative delays. Please note that very large walls can be disproportionately more expensive than smaller walls because larger walls require more paint & supplies; sophisticated lifts; and more time to complete the job. The easiest wall is a flat, non-porous, clean, obstruction-free wall less than five feet high.

Prices quoted in artist proposals include design, labor, equipment, and materials. An 8% service fee will also be added to the final cost of the mural to cover platform and transaction fees.

Please review the guide below to determine a price range for your mural and make sure to update your wall portfolio.

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